Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of pumpkins!

 I felt as if I should have been reading, turns out it looks like im dancing!
 Friday was the mark of 8 months for me and connor. :o) Turns out Saturday was "sweetest day" so it was double-y sweet.
 Connor decided that the ghord had herpes. Weirdo...
 Nik, this is for you... Cinderella punkins!
 They really had the weirdest things at this pumpkin picking place.

 I know its hard to tell, but those were the largest pumpkins I have ever seen!
 This takes the cake... Camel rides... at a pumpkin picking place? They stuck out like a sore thumb!

 This little guy was outside whole foods. Ive never seen an owl this up close before
 This was the theatre that we went to to see Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
 The guy on the end.. he created the show and the others are the original cast. connor got his poster signed. he was a happy little boy.
 This is the pumpkin i picked. isnt it lovely?

 all carved!!! :o)

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