Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I know....

Its been almost 2 weeks and hardly any posts on life. Well let me tell you... life is improv shows and finding some sort of job. I've been applying to a lot of local places. Mostly stores as bath and body works and express.... things of that nature. I am okay with that. Im not really here for some crazy job. I'm here for life experiences and to further my acting career. I just need to find some means of making money.

I love living with improvisers. They are hysterical. And always going to some sort of show and guess who ALWAYS gets to tag along? Yep... ME! I love that aspect of living in this place. I started journaling my thoughts of this adventure. One day I think I am going to make it into a "fictional" novel. I may also work on a web series  of sorts based on this experience. that will be fun!

Anyway... right now I am computerless.. the powerchord died... and i am anxiously waiting for a new one. When I get that I will post a tour of my apartment and photos of life. Promise.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 1

Today was the most emotional and the most exciting day.

So the day started off with waking up way earlier than needed. I curled up on the floor with Gizmo and gave him snuggles and kisses and told him he had to be a good boy. As the whole getting ready process began the butterflies in my tummy began to flutter like there was no tomorrow. Which I suppose is just normal... what is not normal is feeling like you are going to throw up because you dont really want to go. But I did want to go. But I didnt want to go. But I really honestly did want to go... and at the same time I really didnt want to. I asked mom multiple times to turn the car around... she said no. Even when we arrived at the airport I had to ask again... We stood outside of the airport for 20 minutes. Hugging. Crying. Hugging. I cried. Hugging. Okay.. I cried alot. Mom practically pushed me through to baggage claim. I may have cried walking through the airport. I purchased I <3 NY pj pants to make me feel better. I couldnt eat or drink. I had no appetite for a couple days. My stomach was in knots. 

I finally landed in Chicago. I hopped a cab to where my roommate (Teri) works (right on the next block). I probably sat in the comfort of that coffee house for over an hour. I put a little bit of food in my stomach and some coffee. And ventured the block to the apartment. I walked in to be greeted by Amanda (other roommate) and Matt ( other roommate)'s girlfriend. She was cleaning his room because he didnt want me to think he was messy! haha. I put my stuff in my room. Lets talk about my room for a moment. One window. Ceiling fan. nice closet. POOP BROWN WALLS! Gross. So Teri and I headed over to Home Depot and I picked out another color... much more calming than dirty nasty brown. I will be painting tomorrow I hope. Anyway. After our adventure to Home Depot Matt comes homes from work and we all hang out. We take a walk and get dinner  (Teri, Matt and I). We went to a bar and got burgers. YUM! 

The neighborhood is awesome. There is so much going on. All of my favorite places are within a short walking distance. I may never have to get on a train.

I guess where this post is taking me is that... I really do love this city. Now that I am here, I am super excited to be here. I am excited to see what is in store for me! But for this weekend it will be furniture shopping, spending time with Connor and painting my room!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The day is approaching...

It's true... August 18th is right around the corner.
Let me tell you, I couldnt be more nervous.
However... There is an extreme excitement there as well!

Today is my last day at work.
Everyone was so wonderful to me.
So supportive.
My manager must be a mind reader.
She KNEW my favorite cake was Icecream...
There was a lovely celebration.
With goodluck-s and Knockemdead-s.

I may have cried.
Having such support from these people is amazing.
If you're reading this. Thank you. It means more than I can say!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

It begins...

Welp.... here you have it... two photos. The packing monster has begun. 
Thursday (august 18th) I will embark on the biggest journey of my life this far. 
 I am ready for you windy city. Are you ready for me?