Saturday, February 18, 2012

what chicago has turned me into.

Since moving to the windy city in August i have learned some very interesting things. about myself. my likes. my dislikes. what i can tolerate. what i cannot tolerate. that i should never take advantage of the things readily accesible to me because being so very far from them makes me homesick. it's not that im lazy and i am tired of doing my own laundry.. because im not. i genuinely miss laying on the couch with mom watching tv and holding back laughter because we dont want to wake up daddy. i miss my two little peanuts. the coley-moley pants and the gizmo. Coley is growing up so fast and i am so afraid that he is not going to remember me, or love me as much because i am an aunt that is not readily available to him. i'm 800 miles away. my brother, my dad. my friends.  
Since being in chicago, i have not acquired many friends. i have had my roommates semi-accesible to me, but they DO have friends and lives. (sorta) city life means public transportation and a lot of walking. well the bus makes me feel ill. the train is not as conveinent as the bus and walking makes my knee hurt. i miss living in a house. with a yard. and driving a car.
Due to all of these factors, i have started picking up crafting things, painting things. the most demanding and rewarding thing being crocheting my granny squares. I am in the process of crocheting a granny square blanket. so far my plan is to have a huge granny square in the middle. (which is currently done and i believe it is 24 'rows' of colors. the next size down is a square with 6 'rows' and then one with 3 'rows' i am planning to do the border in black granny squares with 2 'rows'. 
I'll add photos of what i have so far of my blanket after dinner tonight before i start working on more.  i've also invested in some felt to make owls. and felt flowers. i've been working on my drawings. and paintings. i have a few photos i could post of those as well.

as far as my acting is concerned. i think what i am going to do is make up a character. put together all of her traits, flaws, dreams and everything into a neat little package (pull out what i learned about character analysis from college) and turn this character into a person and create a vlog through her eyes. that way i am constantly putting myself out into the acting world and yet still from the comfort of my own bedroom. what do you think about this? think it could be cool? itd be like a bunch of monologues from the same character. weird? or interesting? let me know your take on it. 

what do you think of our dork picture?

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