Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I know....

Its been almost 2 weeks and hardly any posts on life. Well let me tell you... life is improv shows and finding some sort of job. I've been applying to a lot of local places. Mostly stores as bath and body works and express.... things of that nature. I am okay with that. Im not really here for some crazy job. I'm here for life experiences and to further my acting career. I just need to find some means of making money.

I love living with improvisers. They are hysterical. And always going to some sort of show and guess who ALWAYS gets to tag along? Yep... ME! I love that aspect of living in this place. I started journaling my thoughts of this adventure. One day I think I am going to make it into a "fictional" novel. I may also work on a web series  of sorts based on this experience. that will be fun!

Anyway... right now I am computerless.. the powerchord died... and i am anxiously waiting for a new one. When I get that I will post a tour of my apartment and photos of life. Promise.

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