Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 1

Today was the most emotional and the most exciting day.

So the day started off with waking up way earlier than needed. I curled up on the floor with Gizmo and gave him snuggles and kisses and told him he had to be a good boy. As the whole getting ready process began the butterflies in my tummy began to flutter like there was no tomorrow. Which I suppose is just normal... what is not normal is feeling like you are going to throw up because you dont really want to go. But I did want to go. But I didnt want to go. But I really honestly did want to go... and at the same time I really didnt want to. I asked mom multiple times to turn the car around... she said no. Even when we arrived at the airport I had to ask again... We stood outside of the airport for 20 minutes. Hugging. Crying. Hugging. I cried. Hugging. Okay.. I cried alot. Mom practically pushed me through to baggage claim. I may have cried walking through the airport. I purchased I <3 NY pj pants to make me feel better. I couldnt eat or drink. I had no appetite for a couple days. My stomach was in knots. 

I finally landed in Chicago. I hopped a cab to where my roommate (Teri) works (right on the next block). I probably sat in the comfort of that coffee house for over an hour. I put a little bit of food in my stomach and some coffee. And ventured the block to the apartment. I walked in to be greeted by Amanda (other roommate) and Matt ( other roommate)'s girlfriend. She was cleaning his room because he didnt want me to think he was messy! haha. I put my stuff in my room. Lets talk about my room for a moment. One window. Ceiling fan. nice closet. POOP BROWN WALLS! Gross. So Teri and I headed over to Home Depot and I picked out another color... much more calming than dirty nasty brown. I will be painting tomorrow I hope. Anyway. After our adventure to Home Depot Matt comes homes from work and we all hang out. We take a walk and get dinner  (Teri, Matt and I). We went to a bar and got burgers. YUM! 

The neighborhood is awesome. There is so much going on. All of my favorite places are within a short walking distance. I may never have to get on a train.

I guess where this post is taking me is that... I really do love this city. Now that I am here, I am super excited to be here. I am excited to see what is in store for me! But for this weekend it will be furniture shopping, spending time with Connor and painting my room!

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