Friday, September 2, 2011

Photos of August in Chicago

 This is Connor putting together my IKEA nightstand... I am never buying anything from IKEA for the rest of my life... haha
 Boxes and unpacking galore!
 Chalkboard next to the fridge! My roommates were all very welcoming!
 Connor also put up my shelf... more IKEA
 It was hot out... he was tired.
 Tired enough to put a box on his head!
 And sit in one!!!! Crazy Box-boy
 So you dont forget my cheese-y smile
 Connor and I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo... its down the street and FREE!

 We went to a concert at the Metro  to see a band named "Braid" not my type of thing... but it was fun!

This photo was yesterday... it was late. and Connor was sleepy... We didnt know that there wouldnt be a Metra train for another hour and a half.. NO TRAIN AT 7pm WHAT??? Weird IL trains... lol

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