Sunday, September 11, 2011

 Dinner Friday... I made some pasta and veggie crazy thing. It was Yummy...
 Connor asked to borrow a tshirt to sleep in... naturally i hand him the most girly tshirt i have
 remember friday dinner... this is saturday breakfast!
 The lakeview arts festival had a puppet show... it was kind of a cool experience. the art show that is, but you see it wasnt cool local art that you can buy for 10 bucks. everything was over 100 bucks. LAME! Needless to say I didnt buy anything.

 Beer bottle tree?
 The phallic looking statue type things with the rainbows... yeah... that lets you know you're officially in Boystown. Dont know what Boystown is... i'll give you ONE guess!
 We were all ready in our red white and blue for Stacey's Never Forget birthday celebration.
 Amanda, Teri and Me! (my roommates -- Minus Matt)
 Stacey and me.
This is Matt... This evening actually. He legit was surfing the net with 3d glasses on... what a character.

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