Wednesday, September 14, 2011

 my healthy lunch

 the sushi i had for lunch.. it was sweet potato. The photo above was teri's, but it looked so pretty.
This is a photo of the train stop. The sky looked interesting and i dont know, I just liked it.

In other news... I got a job. On call catering. Kinda okay. I've never had a server job before. It will give me experience if I ever want to work in that kind of atmosphere again. I am thinking maybe it might be beneficial to get my bartending liscence... hmm.. something to think about.
I am going to register for my acting class sometime before the end of the week, now that I have a job. And also my improv class. Take 2 classes at once. :o)
Now that I have one job, I feel much better about life here. I feel like I have a purpose and I dont just do nothing all day.
Saturday I have big plans.... I am going to be an extra in a music video over in Wicker Park. Very exciting!!!
I am hoping I will get a copy of it so I can post it on Facebook and all that fun stuff to share with you guys.
ALSO-- Connor mentioned to me tonight that he wants to start making music with me... He wants to make it avant-garde, free jazz, popish... and we'd write lyrics and I could sing it! I think it would be awesome!

Chicago life is looking up.

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